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India Pale Ale, Double 4C

  • 330.0 ml, 9.6% Alc.
  • Double / Imperial IPA
  • Kernel Brewery
  • South London

£ 4.50

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Kernel Brewery India Pale Ale, Double 4C – Buy Beer online on


Citra. Chinook, Cascade, Columbus

  • Kernel Brewery Table Beer – Buy Beer online on

    Table Beer

    Kernel Brewery

    A pale golden colour. Aroma is fresh, green, vibrant, alive. Grassy hops. Chlorophyll. A flower garden, joined with citrus, and zest. Big round initial mouthfeel, leading to juiciness, more citrus. Then a crisp tang of mineral water. Smacks of bitterness. Short finish.

    £ 2.35

  • Kernel Brewery Brown Ale – Buy Beer online on

    Brown Ale

    Kernel Brewery

  • Kernel Brewery Export India Porter – Buy Beer online on

    Export India Porter

    Kernel Brewery

    The Export India Porter relates to porter in similar manner to the way the IPA relates to the Pale Ale: they added more hops. We've taken Barclay Perkins recipe from 1855, but changed the hops to Columbus and Cascade (American varieties) and hopped it in the same way that we hop our IPAs. The result is a dark brown beer that smells of cocoa, roses, and some orange. The body is quite light, and it is carbonated more highly than usual for a porter to make it more refreshing. It's quite light in texture and tastes of Turkish delight dusted with cocoa powder – chocolate, rose water and fruit. Dry finish.

    £ 2.75

  • Kernel Brewery London Sour, (Berliner Weisse Style)  – Buy Beer online on

    London Sour, (Berliner Weisse Style)

    Kernel Brewery

    Our interpretation of a Berliner Weisse, or – what we have always wanted a Berliner Weisse to be. Namely: sour. Sour. Tang. Sour. Lemon. Lemon. Surrounded by grass, hay, bready malts. But they are distractions from the sour. Sour less a flavour, more a sensation. Something physical. Perfectly clean and cleansing. Sharp, and it sharpens.

    £ 2.75

  • Kernel Brewery Biere de Table (Belgian Farmhouse Ale) – Buy Beer online on

    Biere de Table (Belgian Farmhouse Ale)

    Kernel Brewery

    Saison. Dry hopped with Hersbrucker. Clean. Dry. Crisp.

    £ 2.75

  • Kernel Brewery Pale Ale, Centennial Mosaic US 366 – Buy Beer online on

    Pale Ale, Centennial Mosaic US 366

    Kernel Brewery

  • Kernel Brewery Export Stout (1890 London) – Buy Beer online on

    Export Stout (1890 London)

    Kernel Brewery

    Based on a recipe from a London Brewery in 1890.
    Simple recipe ­ massive taste. Dark, dark black. Oily texture. Loads of rich dried fruit and alcohol warmth ­ rum and raisin. Then a herbal hop bitterness on top of huge lingering espresso. Hints of leather, tar, smoke, vanilla and chocolate. Roasty. Supreme Champion, International Beer Challenge, 2011 Gold Medal at the SIBA National Brewing Awards, 2011: Supreme Champion: Best Bottled Beer in Britain

    £ 3.00

  • Kernel Brewery India Pale Ale, Citra – Buy Beer online on

    India Pale Ale, Citra

    Kernel Brewery

  • Kernel Brewery Imperial Brown Stout, London 1856 – Buy Beer online on

    Imperial Brown Stout, London 1856

    Kernel Brewery

    A recipe from the Barclay Perkins archive. The Imperial Brown Stouts developed into what became known as the Russian Imperial Stouts, and this particular recipe developed into the Courage RIS, which is most notable because a) it was an excellent beer, and b) it continued to be produced until 1992, as the only surviving link to a certain brewing tradition that was huge in London, and made London famous, for over 200 years. And of course, a tradition which is now dead here.

    And the beer is black, not brown. Words meant different things in those days. This is not a beast of a beer, despite the abv. It is round and smooth. Gentle. Well behaved. You could introduce it happily to your mother-in-law. All cream and chocolate after the cocoa aroma, then leading to dark fruits, dried fruits, raisin, fig, prune. Even plum. Some sour berries. And the longest finish of herbal bitterness, with hints of lightly roasted coffee.

    £ 4.50

  • Kernel Brewery Kernel Mixed Case – Buy Beer online on

    Kernel Mixed Case

    Kernel Brewery

    Not sure which Kernel beers to buy? This is a selection of 12 x 330ml bottles from Kernel Brewery. An example case will be similar to:

    2 x India Pale Ale
    4 x Pale Ale
    1 x Export India Porter
    1 x Export Stout
    1 x Biere de Table
    2 x Table Beer
    1 x Another beer available at the time

    £ 32.00

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