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Christmas Cracker Selection Box

We've put together a specially selected mixed box of beers - a Christmas selection box for grown-ups if you will.

Across the team at EeBria we hand-select 12 beers from 12 different breweries which we're really excited about drinking ourselves on Christmas, from the best breweries on EeBria. We then offer these in pre-made selection boxes of 6 bottles, 12 bottles and 24 bottles (the 24 bottle box being 2 of each of the 12 bottles).

We haven't decided on the final make-up of the box yet, however it will contain 12 beers, each from a different brewery, with various styles, ABV and a mix of 330ml and 500ml bottles.

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Burnt Mill Brewery

Burnt Mill is a new brewing project focused on producing fresh, unfiltered beers from our brewhouse on a Suffolk farm. Read our story & browse our products

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EeBria Mixed Cases

An assortment of great beers and ciders, sent directly from EeBria. A great opportunity to try some beers across the range of EeBria breweries.

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To Øl

Pre-Order your To Øl beers now, shipping late November.

Back in 2005 the original founders of To Øl, Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen, were young guns studying at a direct democracy based high school in Nørrebro, Copenhagen – Det Fri Gymnasium – enraged with the fact that most Danish breweries were continuously bawling about their crap beers having been brewed for more than a century, rather than focusing on the actual taste and content of their brews.

Soon Tobias and Tore pirated the school kitchen facilities during closing hours and began turning it into a brewing lab and behold: brewing began! Read our story & browse our products

Neon Raptor Brewing Co

Neon Raptor is all about producing fantastic beers for everyone to enjoy. Read our story & browse our products

Sori Brewing

Pre-Order your Sori Brewing beers now, ending Sunday 28th October. Shipping Mid November.

Sori Brewing is located in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Backed by crowdfunding investors, Sori Brewing is on a mission to make the world more fun with better craft beer. Read our story & browse our products

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View Christmas Gift Ideas