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What is EeBria?

Put simply, we are a great new way to buy drinks online. EeBria is the only place where you can search the UK's very best producers and then buy straight from them!

Why is that good?

Everything we sell is fresh, stored exactly as the producer wants it to be. They are sent direct to you from the producer and once the drinks have left the producers storeroom, you'll receive them the next working day. You can't get the products in better condition.

A lot of great, normally pale, beers only have a 4 month best before date, so getting them as soon as possible, from the brewer is the only way to try them at their best.

How do I know that the producers are great?

We've scoured the land to find brilliant beers and ciders, then everything from gorgeous gins, to world-class wines. To get on the site, the products have got to pass rigorous blind taste test panels, to ensure they match the standards of our existing products. Nothing mediocre hits the site, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re buying a great drink.

Why have I heard of you?

You may have seen us around at Food and Drink events and festivals, but we're proud to have been featured in a lot of places, so you may have heard us in and on some of these media outlets (and a few more):

What do your customers say?

We don't like to brag, but we've had some pretty amazing reviews. Click below to see what our customers have to say about us on ReviewCentre:

Alternatively, have a look at some of these lovely tweets:

Who are EeBria?

David, CEO:
A brewer once told him it's hard to consistently produce bad beers. He's regularly proved him wrong since brewing in the garden shed. Thankfully EeBria only has great drinks from top professionals so it's only David's friends that have to be subjected to his homebrew.

Rachael, Finance Director:
Likes numbers, loves beer.

Nick, Head of Brand and Design:
Enjoys design even more on a great bottle of gin. You can find Nick busy designing our graphics here at Studio Nordic.

Marius and Emil, our savvy tech team:
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