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Anno Distillers

Anno Distillers

In 2011, our founders Dr Andy Reason and Dr Norman Lewis left behind their roles as scientists. With their passion for craft spirits and an eye on the science, set out on the journey of a lifetime. Using flavours from the countryside and with a lot of patience, they created Kent's first gin in 200 years. Meet Anno Distillers.


Unlike many distillers, our life-long science background in the highly technical pharmaceutical industry gives a practical understanding of the equipment capabilities, allowing us to make the highest quality products. We utilise our skills to craft products designed for your pleasure.

Buying on EeBria

When you buy gin on EeBria you are buying direct from distillery. All the spirits bought will be packaged up by the distiller, using EeBria's courier safe packaging, and shipped straight to you the next working day after it's collected from the distillery. To find out more about buying artisan gins online on EeBria, and why everybody benefits, visit our About Us page.



Head producer
Andy and Norman
Kent and Medway

All spirits bought on EeBria are sent to you, by the distillers, from the distillery!

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