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Blackjack Beers

Blackjack Beers

As a group we're keen advocates of beer in all it's glorious guises, from the 10% Imperials to your trad’ golden bitters; from a big US hop bomb to a saison with spices. We like to give equal time to experimentation whilst affording respect for the classics. I suppose we're British traditional in one sense - meets a love of yeast, barrel ageing and overseas styles, in another. The result is a brewery with few barriers and we hope this keeps us ever evolving, always improving & never dull!


Blackjack Beers was formed in 2013 when Robert Hamilton left Manchester heavyweights Marble Brewery to set up his own venture and thus Blackjack was born. Having brewed at Marble with the likes of Dominic Driscoll who later went to Thornbridge Brewery, Colin Stronge who is now the head brewer at Buxton and James Campbell head brewer of Manchester newcomers Cloudwater, there was a wealth of experience and knowledge to soak up and it was with this background Rob was well placed to set up his own venture.



Head producer
Robert Hamilton
Greater Manchester

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