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By The Horns Brewing Co.

By The Horns Brewing Co.

By The Horns was born out of passion, pride, a sense of adventure and a hint of the unknown.


By The Horns Brewing Co. began its humble start to brewing with two friends brewing beers they loved on a homebrew kit in their garage. Beers were brewed on Sunday mornings, where biscuity malt and hop aromas would waft through their house waking up their two other housemates. Before too long they realised they wanted to brew these beers every day of the week, and share their passion of brewing and drinking good beer with the rest of London.

What makes our beers different to others?

Our ales are brewed in small batches, with more care and attention than your mum's Sunday roast! They are brewed using the best malted barley and tastiest hops; and brewed by the most passionate brewers you’d ever want to meet. We use traditional brewing methods with open top fermenters, meaning that our beers are fully cared for from the moment our malt hits the mash tun, to our fresh beer hitting your glass.

By The Horns – what does it mean?

Yes, our company stands true to its name; passion, confronting the ‘norm’, standing out from the crowd and fighting for what is right. We believe in confronting tasteless beer and strive to brew, drink & enjoy beer that is far superior in taste, flavour, mouth-feel, aroma and appearance. It is very clichéd, but we really do believe in taking life ‘by the horns’ and doing what you can to make it better, and it just so happens our passion is beer!

Buying on EeBria

When you buy beer on EeBria you are buying direct from brewery. All the beers bought will be packaged up by the brewer, using EeBria's courier safe packaging, and shipped straight to you the next working day after it's collected from the brewery. To find out more about buying craft beer online on EeBria, and why everybody benefits, visit our About Us page.



Head producer
Chris Mills & Alex Bull
South London

All beers bought on EeBria are sent to you, by the brewers, from the brewery!

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