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Frequently asked questions

Please see below a list of the most common questions. If you’re still finding trouble, please do send us a message.

Ordering Questions
COVID-19 Update

We're closely monitoring government advice surrounding COVID-19 and are doing absolutely everything we can to ensure the safety of our customers, employees and delivery partners.

Currently, there are no changes to our operations and you can order through the site with orders still being delivered as usual, although it is possible there may be some minor delays to our usual delivery window. If anything changes we will let you know.

What payment methods are available?

You are able to use all major credit and debit cards to make purchases. You need to register an account so that we can check your age and also allow you to save your details for easy future orders.

How do you complete age verification?

A soft search might be made with our age verification provider to confirm the age provided when signing up matches their records. This search has no effect on your credit rating (and can only be seen by yourself), and simply informs us of a pass or fail on that information so we know you’re allowed to be buying alcohol.

Is there a minimum order?

No - however the delivery price is constant at £5.99 regardless of how many items you buy. The more you buy, the more you save!

Is there a maximum order?

Most of the time, absolutely not! In fact the way to use EeBria most efficiently is to stock up your fridge to combine the shipping costs as we have a flat delivery fee no matter how many bottles you buy.

Sometimes however, when we secure special exclusives or a product is in very limited quantity in the first place, we want to get the drink out to as many people as possible, by limiting the number of bottles that any single person can purchase. This is relatively rare, but happens with very special mixed cases (e.g. the Rainbow Project) and some annual releases (e.g. Good King Henry). It is always made very obvious on the product page if there's any restriction on how many you can buy.

If you see a warning sign on the product page when you order stating a maximum per order or per person, please do follow the instructions. We may be unable to restrict the number of items you can place into your basket, but we’ll only ship out the maximum permitted and we'll simply refund you for the items which were not sent out.

Is payment safe?

Yes, very safe. We use RealEx as the payment gateway on our site. All card payment information is entered on their site, so we never have access to it and they use the most up to date security software to ensure your data is secure.

Can I add a gift message?

Yes, you can add your own personal message to any order. When on the Order Summary page, please tick the gift message box to write your message. The order paperwork will come with this message as well as have the prices of the items removed, so they won't know how much you paid.

What happens if I buy multiple mixed cases?

It's worth noting that our systems will look to save packaging and be the most environmentally friendly possible when booking in the packages and shipping for any order. This can mean if you buy multiple 'mixed cases' on the site that we'll combine them together in a single box if this is possible. So if you order 2 x 6 bottle cases, it's likely you'll receive a single box of 12 beers, 6 of each 'mixture'. If this is something that you actively want to avoid - perhaps as you want to give the smaller cases away individually as gifts, please drop customer services a line at the time of ordering so we can override this setting for you.

Delivery Questions
How much is Delivery?

Delivery is a flat rate of £5.99 per brewery regardless of volume purchased. This means that EeBria becomes even better value the more you buy!

How can I change my delivery address?

To change the address that you're sending to, after an order is processed, please contact However, please note we shall be unable to change the delivery address once the order has been dispatched. Changing the delivery address may also add an extra day onto the delivery timeline.

Please don't change the address on your account which is associated with your billing details. This address is linked to our customer verification processes and changing it from your correct home address may cause issues with any future orders.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery can be as quick as the next working day; however we advise that you order at least 4 working days in advance of any event.

We try to have boxes ready to collect on the same or the next working day from your order and we aim to always meet a 48 hour window (exc weekends) for shipping dispatch. Once collected from us it’s normal for a delivery to be attempted the following day in the majority of situations. We have tracking info on all orders that you can follow but if there is any delay we notice we’ll get in touch to let you know and find out what's happening and make it right for you.

If you have an urgent deadline, please email us on and we will be able to confirm if delivery will be possible, however we're still unlikely to be able to make any firm promises as delivery is not entirely within our control.

For pre-order events such as Christmas or special releases, there may be information provided on the product page, visible at the time of ordering which will inform you when the products are likely to be shipped out. Please add 3 working days on top of the shipping date to calculate the likely arrival window for your order.

For some special releases, the volume of orders may be a bit overwhelming for the team so we have to spread the boxing and shipping of orders out over a longer period of time than normal. Where we can envisage this happening in advance we'll clearly make a note on the item page so that you can factor in additional time when making your decision to buy or not.

How do I track my order?

Most of our parcels are shipped with ParcelForce, the rest with UPS/CSM. We will send you the tracking code when the order is shipped. You can then get updates on the status of your order in our My Account section, or you can get more detailed information from ParcelForce or UPS/CMS directly.

What happens if I'm not in?

If you're not in for the delivery then ParcelForce or UPS/CSM will handle the order in their normal fashion. They might attempt to deliver to a neighbour, or they will leave a card for you to arrange an alternative collection. If they've failed to deliver to you multiple times, they may leave your parcel at your local post office, or depot for collection. If you don't get the failed delivery card or need help tracking your order then contact and we'll try to help.

We recommend if possible that you use an address for delivery which can take parcels at any time during normal delivery hours, perhaps an office address if convenient.

We cannot be responsible or offer refunds if you are unable to take the delivery from ParcelForce or UPS/CSM and delivery is within the time frames advised per the website so please plan ahead carefully for holidays!

Can we select a delivery slot / do you deliver on Saturdays?

We do not offer the ability to choose a delivery slot as this sadly isn't a service available from our courier without significant extra costs. We use as standard a next day delivery service which means it should be with you the next working day after it is collected from the producer. We don't have a Saturday delivery service formally included, however ParcelForce or UPS/CSM do technically deliver on Saturdays so you may at their discretion get a Saturday delivery made to you if they have failed to deliver on a Friday. If you're not in when their first attempted delivery occurs, you'll be able to rearrange, or collect it from a nearby collection point (e.g. Post Office or UPS collection point)

Packaging Questions
How do I know my order will arrive intact?

We can never 100% guarantee this, as shipping glass also has some level of risk. However, we use very robust courier safe packaging, so have a very low breakage rate.

If there's a problem with your order and you're one of the unlucky people who experience a broken delivery, then of course contact we can help. Please check our terms and conditions carefully if you're a collector and the physical appearance of the items are the most important thing for you. We can't guarantee the aesthetic condition of items after transit, just in case there's some bumps and scratches along the way!

You can find out more, including a video of a box of beer being dropped 5 metres and surviving unscathed here.

Do you offer international shipping?

Currently we only ship within the UK for individual customers, if you’re a trade buyer then try our sister site as we can sometimes assist with international exports for larger wholesale orders.

Why so much cardboard?

We have to tread a fine line between getting fragile items to you through the postal systems without incident and also reducing the carbon footprint too. The boxes may seem to have a lot of packaging but they are also extremely robust so that we don't have to send out many replacements which would also be very wasteful. We use our tech to calculate the minimum number of boxes we can use for any order, and the system will combine packages together automatically if you order smaller sets of beers from the same producer. We recommend that you buy in multiples or 6 or 12 bottles if you want to make sure your box is fully packed so the cardboard is all utilised. They are 100% recyclable of course.

Questions about EeBria
What makes EeBria different? is the sister website of which is a marketplace used by hundreds of independent breweries and cider makers to sell their products to bars, shops and restaurants across the UK (and in 2020 into Europe too). This website allows us to open up our incredible list of thousands of products to customers buying at home. We buy in specially selected beer and ciders to fill curated mixed cases built by our team of beer experts. It's incredibly easy to order online, we think the site is simple to use and everything is automated including updates right up to delivery.

Do you have a taproom?

Yes, our taproom bar opens most Fridays between 5pm-9pm and Saturdays between 11am and 8pm. For more information please click here, but pop along any weekend to try some great beers with our team who are always happy to offer advice and recommend products from our fridges as well as on the website.

How do I know if what I'm buying tastes good?

EeBria takes all it’s stock from our wholesale marketplace, meaning and we work with some of the best craft drinks producers in the UK (and a lot from abroad too). All our producers truly care about the drink you're buying, we don’t sell huge macro products and many of our breweries or cider makers are small scale artisan teams. Of course, some drinks may not be to your taste, but we make sure we provide accurate tasting notes written by the producer themselves for all individual bottles so that you can judge if that drink will be suitable for you. If it sounds good to you, then it almost certainly will be a drink you'll love!

I need to contact you!

If you can't find the answer in our FAQs, then you can contact us on or by clicking the contact us button on the right hand side.

Why don't you have my favourite producer or drink?

The stock on our retail website changes and updates regularly but we have potential access to literally thousands of products through our sister site. So please check in again soon or drop the team a line to see if there’s anything in the pipeline for you!

Do you have a press / PR department?

Yes, please visit the EeBria Press Room, by clicking here.

Order Issues
The delivery I received is not what I ordered/broken/spoiled?

We're sorry to hear that you've had an issue! Please contact our customer services on as soon as possible after receiving the item and if possible include a photograph of the products received so we can take it up with the courier. We will then get in touch to make arrangements for getting the correct/replacement items sent out to you or we'll apply our returns policy to put things right.

If there's a problem with the quality of the drink itself please don't throw it away, as the producers often want to get as much information as possible for their quality control. We work closely with them on our wholesale platform and they might ask some follow up questions so they can find out what's gone wrong on their side!

I don't like my beers - what do I do?

We're sorry to hear that your beer isn't all that you hoped. If you think there's something wrong with the beers then please contact our customer services on and we'll look into it for you and make sure we fix it on the rare occasion an item is spoiled. We immediately get in touch with the producer if there's a problem with the contents of any bottles and then we work with them to resolve the issue for you if there is a problem with the way it tastes. All our producers are proud of what they make so are always keen to help fix the problem if the drink provided wasn't up to their normal standards.

If the beer just wasn't to your particular taste then don't be put off by just the one beer, try to keep an open mind and enjoy the rest of the box. EeBria is all about discovery and trying new things so we encourage people to experiment with new beer styles and try new producers to support the UK's growing talent. However taste is very subjective and while we're confident in the quality of our marketplace goods it's difficult to keep everyone happy all of the time!

Make note of the styles and recipes which are your favourites and what isn't quite working for you too, that way you have a better idea of your personal style for future beer buying. We're always here to help if you want advice on your next order to help you find something that really works for your tastebuds. We also love hearing your feedback so please let us know what you think with any order, good or bad.

My drink has got "bits" in it

This can be normal, especially if the beer has been bottle conditioned. The "bits", or sediment are usually the brewer's yeast and if so is perfectly safe to drink, or you can pour carefully into a glass to keep it in the bottle (some people prefer to mix it in for flavour!). If you want to send us a photo to check if the sediment seems excessive, of course let us know using

If you need any help on this, please contact us on