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Yarde Cider Yarde Real Draught Sweet Cider (20 litre Bag in Box) SWEET – Buy Cider online on

Yarde Real Draught Sweet Cider (20 litre Bag in Box) SWEET

Style Sweet cider
Size 20.0 litre(s)
ABV 6.0% Alc.


Yarde Real Draught Cider (35 Pints)

Craft cider made from 100% cider apples selected for their soft tannins and ripe apple flavour. This classic award winning cider is matured over the winter months. A warm honey colour and a distinctive appley aroma, with the fresh taste of bittersweet apples

Please note that draught cider is a live product so should be kept cool and should not be ordered more than a week or so before drinking.Once opened It will stay fresh for up to 3 weeks It is possible - especially in warm weather - that the cider will continue to ferment in the box. This does not affect the quality of the cider but if this happens then you will need to vent the box - ie release any excess gas using the tap. Please give us a call if you have any questions.