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Fierce Beer

Fierce Beer

Fierce Beer started life as a home-brew hobby in March 2013 on Great Western Road, Aberdeen. After a couple of years of playing around, they first tested on the public on 1st May 2015 at a beer pairing dinner at a local restaurant.

The reviews were so good that a few months later Fierce Beer Ltd was born. They started to sell kegs to Aberdeen clients from a nano-brewery in their house.

On 1st April 2016 they moved into their new microbrewery in Dyce, AWESOME!


Being so close to so many amazing breweries meant they couldn't specialise in IPAs. Those guys had that one sorted! What they wanted was bold, strong flavours. They wanted drinkers to be able to tell what was in the beer if they said it was there. So they settled on:

Pale Ales loaded with hops, spices and even coffee!
Fruit Beers with only natural local fruity goodness!
Dark Porters full of craziness even peanuts!
Okay, and maybe the occasional IPA

They believe in Quality, Luxury & Provenance



Head producer
North Eastern Scotland

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