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First Chop Brewing Arm

First Chop Brewing Arm

A brewery of very few words... most of them 3 lettered AVA SUP JAM HOP POD MCR RED POP SYL PIP


First Chop Brewing Arm was born in 2012 with a borrowed brewery and an inkling it could make great beer. Now fully operational in it's own 8bbl brewery with 1000's of satisfied drinkers agreeing we make gooood beeer!!

Only the best floor malted barley from traditional maltsters Warminster and the best whole hops go into our beer. Beer is a pretty simple recipe as is the brewing arm's philosophy on it.... treat the finest ingredients with the respect they deserve and their quality will shine through.

We love hops, well you have to don't you? Anything we can do to get all the flavour and aroma out of the hops and into your beer, we do. After many years joining our customers enthusing about beer and many more drinking the stuff. We've learned the way of the hop and we know what makes a fantastic ale.

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