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Ilkley Brewery

Ilkley Brewery

Perfecting our craft since 2009. We've brewed 150+ unique beers, so far...


.Ilkley Brewery Powered by History: Traditional English brewing techniques are combined with inspiration from across the world. Unrivalled quality from heart of Yorkshire since 2009. Powered by Malt: The Brewer’s Eye for detail ensures quality and consistency. Only the finest ingredients are sourced for the drinker’s pleasure. Powered by Hops: Constant innovation and development. We brew beers to suit every palate, enlivening the beer choice and pushing boundaries. Powered by People: We are in it together. We have bold ideas. Each of us has a voice and we love what we do. Ilkley Brewery: Powered by Beer. Because beer matters.



Head producer
Luke Raven
North Yorkshire

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