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Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

In 2010, before craft beer was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, Liverpool Craft Beer Co. was steadily building their own brewing playground. In the tradition of the American founders of craft beer in the 1980s, they built their own brewery from scratch on a tiny budget. There were very little options in 2010 to buy a small brewery off the shelf, and although it’s been difficult, building their own has made a big difference.


Finding vessels from all over the country, designing their own tanks and having volunteers help them bring the brewery to life is a history they’re proud of. No big investment, no established market, no high tech brewing; just people wanting to come together and make something they’re proud of.

Craft beer is a term overused and misunderstood. It’s not about packaging, marketing or extreme beers. It’s about passionate people dedicating themselves to small batches of beer brewed on a brewery they built themselves.

They don’t believe in making a fanfare about their beer, but rather let it do the talking. They believe in just keeping busy brewing good beer, everything else will look after itself.



Head producer
Mike Benson

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