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Moncada Brewery

Moncada Brewery

In a positively London spirit, Julio built a truly international team that over the years created the core range. It was always meant to be a beer love letter to the neighbourhood it came from. The core beer styles; Blonde, Pale, Ruby Rye and Oatmeal Stout. All draw inspiration from traditional English brewing, the international community that makes London, and in particular, Notting Hill, such an exciting place to be.


The Blueprint series, on the other hand, is where the brewers go rouge. Crazy ABVs? Yes, please! Wacky flavours? Can’t get enough of them. Blueprint series is where you’ll find sour beers, IPAs spiced with bucketloads of hops, big imperial stouts or the barrel ageing experiments. The Blueprint artwork is also much less grounded. Bold colours, abstract shapes; we’re taking you on a sensory journey where the sky is the limit for the creativity.



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