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Nelson's Gin

Nelson's Gin

Nelson’s Gin has been created by one man; Neil Harrison. Having worked extensively as a chef, Neil knew that a pleasing and memorable tasting experience depends on the combination of many factors.

Nelson's Gin uses organic botanicals such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves from Thailand, vanilla from Madagascar and cinnamon from Sri Lanka to achieve the smooth fresh flavour.

Enjoy straight over ice or with tonic and a peel of lemon, lime or orange.


Nelson's Gin: Infused with inspiration

Like notes in a concerto. Colours in a landscape. Soft scents carried on a summer breeze. Nelson's Gin is as sensuous and uplifting as it is fresh and intriguing.

Combining a reverence for the qualities and traditions of British gins with an innovative blend of unusual and audacious botanicals, Nelson's Gin is a tribute to the adventurous and unquenchable qualities of the human spirit.

A hero flavour for the 21st century. Complex. Original. Quintessentially British.

Nelson's Gin is made in small batches, to be enjoyed by those who appreciate its life-affirming qualities. It is the only gin made on the Derbyshire and Staffordshire borders, its manufacture being a sophisticated 21st century version of a 'cottage industry'.

Nelson's Gin is made in a futuristic distillery on a self-contained site. Here, we employ clean energy combined with advanced technology to support the natural processes which result in a very special gin. We start with water. And a reed bed. In the words of Neil: “The reed bed is a natural filtration system. Water flows into the reed pond and the reeds filter out any unwanted elements. The water is then put through our state-of-the-art resin filtering system where it is scanned and tested before we use it in our gin.” And then. Our work can begin. Infusing fine and pleasingly original botanicals from across the globe, such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, vanilla and cinnamon Nelson's Gin has a clean, fresh taste and aroma which is at the same time deeply and surprisingly complex. The Gin School Experience Day Nelson's Gin School is a learning, teaching and tasting academy for connoisseurs of gin, or those who simply wish to know more. Each one day Gin School Experience plays host to a maximum of six students who spend a day learning about the creation of superlative gin and at the same time, using personal taste and preferences to create their own unique, signature spirit. At the end of the day, guests leave with their own 70cl bottle of gin, made with botanicals of their choice, taken from our large and inspiring selection or if preferred, brought from home. The itinerary The Gin School Experience Day beings at 10.00 a.m. with tea, coffee or a refreshing G&T, followed by an introduction to the day. Armed with insight, students then begin to select the botanicals for use in their own unique gin. At 12.00 p.m. the process of distilling begins. Each student has their own mini-still in which to work. At 1.30 p.m., there is a break for a leisurely lunch and at approximately 2.30 p.m. a tour around our main still (called 'Victory'). By 3.00 p.m. students begin to bottle and label their own gin and may, if wished, buy a bottle of Nelson's Gin for comparison. The day draws to a natural close. A record of each student's individual botanical blend is carefully filed for future reference, Should you wish to order further bottles of your own unique gin, for personal consumption or to give as gifts, your gin is just a phone call or email away.



Head producer
Neil Harrison

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