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Our main blog is now hosted on EeBriaTrade's website. For the most up to date news, please click here. An archive of our posts are below.
Retail Refresh 2019 - Switching Things Up
We released some short announcements today to our producer partners and our retail customer base to let them know about some big changes in our retail operations in the coming months. Here's the details on why and what we're changing....
Predictions for 2017
We asked the EeBria Team for their predictions on what we might see in 2017 from brewing trends to things to watch out for....
Brexit Voters Celebrate with British Beers
Over the last few weeks, all the news in the UK has been about Brexit, but we thought a little more wouldn't hurt! The team at EeBria have looked at the sales in the two weeks leading up to, and following the Brexit vote, to see how the decision to leave the EU impacted beer sales...
Producer Spotlight: Twisted Barrel Ale
Twisted Barrel Ale started out in a garage, as a passion project for two home brewers.Originally seeking to gain critical feedback on their beers and allowing them to tweak their recipes accordingly, they brewed small batches of bottled beer, 60 litres at a time, and sold them to supportive local outlets...
Producer Spotlight: Bristol Beer Factory
After over two years of chasing and hoping to be able to sell the beers from the amazing Bristol Beer Factory, we've finally managed to get their beers! To celebrate, we thought we'd tell you more about the brewery, and why we were so desperately keen to sell them!...
The Pride of Wales on St David’s Day
On March 1st the people of Wales celebrate their patron saint and, whilst St. David himself taught his followers to only drink water, there are some fantastic breweries ignoring that advice and making beautiful craft beer in his homeland today...
Pale beers reign supreme in London!
With London Beer Week approaching EeBria has done some digging into the beer drinking habits of the capital and found that Londoners love their beers on the paler side.
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The North is Sweet For Sours
Sour beers have been the style du jour of the craft beer world over the last year and it seems that Northerners have had their fingers on the pulse more than their southern counterparts, with EeBria data showing that regions north of the Midlands have been enjoying more sour beers than the rest of the country.
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Men love a bit of romance in their beer
As Valentine’s Day approaches it seems that men reveal their romantic side when enjoying beer, as they proved the most likely gender to enjoy beer brewed with the classic romantic symbols of chocolate and flowers.
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