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Producer Spotlight: Twisted Barrel Ale
Twisted Barrel Ale started out in a garage, as a passion project for two home brewers.Originally seeking to gain critical feedback on their beers and allowing them to tweak their recipes accordingly, they brewed small batches of bottled beer, 60 litres at a time, and sold them to supportive local outlets.

The official launch was at Inspire Café in Coventry on 29 March 2014, for which they’d brewed 500 bottles, all selling out on the night. They soon realised that there was a passionate interest locally for modern flavoured beers, and they released new beers fortnightly over the next few months.

While beginning the project with the aim of ‘seeing how things went’ they knew deep down that they were serious about expanding if an opportunity arose. Such an opportunity did arise in July 2014 when they became aware of a new independent creative arts village opening in Coventry city centre, FarGoVillage, a place they thought would be an ideal location for a brewery and Tap House venture.

Spending the next few months putting together the business plan, raising funds and placing orders for a new kit, by March 2015 everything was in place and they moved into their new home at FarGoVillage. A new 6BBL kit was sourced, together with three 1200L conical fermenters, from the excellent BrewingVessels based in Stockport. The kit was installed at the beginning of May 2015, effectively increasing the capacity to 100,000 litres per annum overnight.

Relaunching on 20 June 2015, they had a fantastic opening weekend and the Tap House has continued to go from strength to strength ever since.Twisted Barrel was even nominated for the Best Bar in Coventry award in March 2016.

Twisted Barrel brew a diverse range of ales, and are passionate about trying their hand at new styles all the time. The core beers range from a low strength session vanilla Mild to a Pepper and Elderflower Saison, with stouts, pale ales and various different IPAs also on the roster. Rate Beer users recently awarded the Best Beer in the West Midlands category to the Call of Korriban, their Black IPA. They use the original 60 litre pilot kit to produce new beers all the time, this has led to big kit productions of a high strength mild, rhubarb saison, hoppy marzen, spiced dubbel and a giant Belgian tripel called Wake Up Juice.They have plans to try their hand at even more new styles in the coming months. The overriding passion is to create full bodied, flavourful beers that pair the hallmarks of a traditional beer style with a modern twist.They plan to achieve full capacity within their first full year of operation and establish themselves as a key part of the Midlands beer scene.

Inspired British US
This easy drinking pale ale is our ode to the most amazing of plants; humulus lupulus. We use the same British malt base and US yeast strain to support an ever changing exploration of hops; this batch combines the deliciously fruity English hops Admiral, East Kent Goldings and Challenger, with a stone fruit and citrus aroma due to the addition of Mosaic and Azacca hops after fermentation.
The Saison From Another Place
A Belgian farmhouse ale that uses dried elderflower, pink and black peppercorns to augment the natural spicy fruit esters provided by the unique saison yeast strain. Expect a complex marriage of citrus flavour, floral aroma and a lip-smackingly spicy finish.
In Amber Clad
Our flagship IPA is utterly dripping with flavour. Rich grapefruit, mango and citrus dominate the palate, the rye malt provides a spicy finish that blends effortlessly with the hops.
I Am The Muffin
A delightful Belgian blonde ale with peach and banana notes. Our seasonal spring time special for 2016.
Munich malt and Mosaic hops combine for nutty, toffee, fruity goodness. Guaranteed to make you go 'mmmm'.
Call of Korriban
A dark, resinous, bitter IPA made with Citra, Chinook, Mosaic and Summit hops. Featured in Time Out's Top Six Craft Beers in the Midlands, and awarded the Best Beer in the West Midlands in 2015 by users of Rate Beer, with a score of 92/100.
An export strength version of our regular vanilla mild, Beast of a Midlands Mild. This is a luscious dessert beer, made with a complex array of malts that provide a layer of roasted flavours. The addition of vanilla pods provides a smooth, creamy finish.
Our first ever DIPA is a boozy, juicy, resinous brew, hopped to insane levels with Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, Rakau, Mosaic and Citra hops. 123 IBUs/8.5%
Wake Up Juice
Our version of the classic Belgian Tripel style is a point. Pilsner, wheat and aromatic malts together with noble German hops provide a traditional Tripel profile. A hefty Citra dry hop brings huge orange and mango flavours to the fore.
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