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Our standard of packaging and breakage rate
We work hard to ensure our packaging keeps your order safe.

We take packaging very seriously at EeBria - it's the core of what we do, helping get fragile bottles from where they're made to where they're needed!

Since all our orders are shipped directly from the producer (other than the Discovery Club and our Seasonal Mixed Cases), we provide all our partner producers with rigorously tested courier safe packaging. This packaging is as robust as possible and consists of three simple parts: a solid outer box, a base unit with padding and a strong top unit holding the necks in position. This means the bottle can't move inside the box and is held away from the edges so even kicking the box can't damage the bottle.

We know from experience that when properly used, our packaging is incredibly successful - we even dropped a full box from 5 metres onto a concrete floor to demonstrate just how well a box will survive such punishment*:

We also test any changes to our packaging by kicking them down the stairs and generally checking that the bottles will escape from any reasonable courier mishaps.

Breakages can however sometimes happen as we are shipping thousands of bottles around the country at any one time. We're very proud that we only have a breakage incident for every 250 parcels sent (or about 3,500 bottles). We're very proud of this, but are always looking to improve it.

Usually the cause of a damaged delivery is a brewery forgetting to properly include one of the box pieces, usually the top fitting. We're always working with our brewers to remind them how to use the boxes properly, if you do get a delivery without the top section holding your bottles in place- do let us know so we can remind them again!

If there is a breakage (or you see packaging not done correctly), please email us on and we'll see you right.

* We're a little bit disappointed in the video as we were expecting things to be slightly more dramatic. In many ways the lack of drama rather proved our point - the boxes really will withstand a 5m drop without any damage. But the box stood up far better than even we expected and the unveil video was extraordinarily boring with the internal pieces were almost as good as new. We're trying to think of another more dramatic way of trying to destroy a box of 12 beers... watch this space for a Top Gear like destruction exercise!
Coronavirus Update
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Coronavirus Update
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