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Brexit Voters Celebrate with British Beers
Research shows increased beer spend by Brexit supporters

Over the last few weeks, all the news in the UK has been about Brexit, but we thought a little more wouldn't hurt! The team at EeBria have looked at the sales in the two weeks leading up to, and following the Brexit vote, to see how the decision to leave the EU impacted beer sales.

Mapping these sales to the percentage of leave voters in that postcode we discovered that after the vote, leave areas increased their spend by 6% on British beers. In contrast, the uncertainty caused by the vote and the disappointment for remain voters, meant they curtailed their spend by 5% in the same period.

However, whilst this might seem to be relatively good news for the British beer industry, there are many words of caution around that it may not remain so rosy for UK craft brewers, with the falling value of the pound increasing the cost of ingredients (in particular the large amount of imported hops) and key materials such as bottles and kegs. Manchester's Cloudwater Brew Co wrote an impassioned blog post about the likely impact for them of the vote, and to expect to see increases of 5-7% in the wholesale (and subsequently retail) price of craft beers. Only time will tell how the full effects of Brexit impact the UK beer industry, but lets hope it doesn't stop the hugely exciting growth of this incredible industry.

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