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Christmas Gift Ideas for Craft Beer, Real Ale, Cider, Wine, Gin, Spirits and other drinks lovers.
Gift Ideas.

It's Christmas! If you're stumped for the perfect gift, we've got your back...

On EeBria we've got the perfect gifts for anybody who enjoys the finer things in life, with a range of drinks from over 100 of the UK's very best independent drinks producers. Now, we know that narrowing all that choice down to the best option for you might be tough, so let us guide you to the perfect choice:

What type of gift are you looking for?

Craft Beer and Real Ale Gifts

Christmas Cracker Selection Box
The perfect Christmas Gift for any beer drinker, knocking spots off anything you'll find on the high street. This is our special selection of 12 different beers from 12 different independent UK breweries. We include a range of styles so there's something for all tastes while showcasing the variety of brewing talent we have in the UK right now. Also available in 6 and 24 bottle sizes.
Featured Producers
Kernel are one of the UK's most exciting breweries. Their ethos is based around fresh beer, changing the hops with each brew to use only the freshest hops at the time. With the beers sent straight from the brewery, you'll never get their beers fresher.
Tempest Brewing
Tempest are one of Scotland's highest rated breweries, and with a range of 18 beers there's something for any drinker, but for the adventurous you've got to try their stunning range of exciting sours, big double IPAs, and huge imperial stouts.
Six Degrees North
Brewing in North East Scotland, six°north of Brussels. Blessed with pure, soft water and fields abound with high quality barley, and with a history brewing at the best Belgian breweries, they brew classic Belgian styles to huge acclaim.
Moor Beer
Bristol's Moor beer have been winning awards non-stop, and their huge range of 18 beers contains no less than four 100/100 on top crowd-review site Ratebeer. You can't go wrong with an order from Moor.
Product Suggestions


Perfect for parties and Christmas drinking, this 5 litre kegs are great value as well. Enjoy great kegs from The Cronx, Padstow and Salopian.

Gift Packs

Perfect for parties and Christmas drinking, this 5 litre kegs are great value as well. Enjoy great kegs from The Cronx (£20), Padstow (£26.50) and Salopian (£21).

Brewery Christmas Mixed Cases

Some of our brewers have put together some special mixed cases, for Christmas with some extra special bits and pieces. Check out Windswept's Christmas Case or Moor's very special, if not cheap, Fusion case.

Cider Gifts

Turners Cider
Turners Cider began making cider with a windfall of apples from family and friends' apple trees. They used anything and everything they could to produce their first batch, hiring a scatter and basket press and gathering everyone they knew on a sunny Autumn morning in Kent. Now they buy apples by the tonne and ferment in stainless steel vats, but not much else has changed as they still only use local apples and, come pressing and bottling, they still gather friends and family to help!
Featured Producers
Pilton Cider
Pilton are artisan producers of cider using keeving, which is a specialist method for making whole juice, naturally sweetened sparkling cider. Only cider apples are used: no sugar, no water, nothing else. These apples are collected from cider orchard in the parish of Pilton and slowly fermented in a cool Victorian cellar before bottling. A perfect gift!
Nightingale Cider Company
Formerly known as Gibbet Oak, Nightingale Cider Company has been growing fruit since 1948. All of their Kentish ciders are handcrafted from 100% fruit juice, made using slow wild fermentation and minimum intervention.
Sandford Orchards
Every drop of Sandford Orchards cider is naturally cold-fermented from the whole juice of Devon Cider apples. After a minimum of 28 weeks of maturation, the juice is blended and creates these award winning ciders. Having done this with the first batch in 2002, it's the way they'll always do it!

Wine Gifts

Sugrue Pierre
Producers of the highest ever scoring English Sparkling Wine in Decanter magazine (scoring higher than almost all champagnes!). For more than a decade Dermot Sugrue has been the winemaker behind many of England’s best sparkling wine producers. In 2006, the same year he left Nyetimber to establish the winery at Wiston Estate, he planted a small vineyard at the foot of the South Downs. Sugrue Pierre is Dermot's own small batch sparkling wine.
Featured Producers
Luddenden Valley Wines
Luddenden began making fruit wines on their smallholding in the stunning conservation village of Luddenden in 2001. Over the last 15 years they have planted a large variety of fruit and other produce and sourced numerous wild hedgerow berries and blossoms. These have been tried and tested to produce a shortlist of delicious limited edition wines and fruit liqueurs made using traditional recipes and techniques.
Le Grappin
The vision for Le Grappin is to make wines from special sites in the over-looked, under-appreciated reaches of Burgundy and Beaujolais. They work with passionate growers who tend their vines thoughtfully, with exceptional care and attention, to give the sites the best opportunity to shine.
Coldharbour Vineyard
Coldharbour is a refreshing, dry, sparkling rosé wine made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes grown at Coldharbour Vineyard on the beautiful, chalky South Downs in West Sussex. They currently produce a sparkling rosé and their Classic Cuvee.

Great for small batch wines

Great for celebrating

Gin, Vodka and other spirits gifts

Masons Yorkshire Gin
Distilled using the traditional London Dry Gin method in a traditional small copper alembic still, Masons Yorkshire Gin is truly a small batch craft Gin. They wanted to create a taste that wasn't just your run of the mill, off the shelf, generic gin. Recipe after recipe was rejected in the search for the perfect gin - one they would choose to drink. With its traditional distillation method, Harrogate Spring Water and just the right balance of juniper, citrus elements and secret botanicals they finally created a distinctly unique Gin that they are proud to call Masons Yorkshire Gin.
Featured Producers
Pickering's Gin
Pickering’s gin is based on an original Bombay recipe, handwritten on a fragment of paper dated 17 July 1947. Kept as a family secret for over 66 years, it only resurfaced in 2013 when Matt and Marcus began distilling at Summerhall. They have now fine-tuned the recipe, perfecting its balance of botanicals and tweaking it to the contemporary palate. The result is a spectacularly smooth, refreshing and flavoursome gin.
Jensens Gin
Now with more than a decade of production, Jensen's Gin make two historically styled gins, based on recipes discovered by the Danish Founder, Christian Jensen. With a dream to create a gin that brought flavour back to gin he created London Dry, which is remarkably smooth and aromatic, and the dramatically different Old Tom.