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Jensen's Gin

The Bermondsey Gin Company was established in 2004 with Christian Jensen's voyage of discovery in vintage gins beginning in his neighbourhood bar in Tokyo. Over two years he made himself familiar with the vintage gins on offer and found the flavour profiles in huge contrast to contemporary gins which lacked structure, complexity and juniper. With a dream to create a gin that brought flavour back to gin he returned to London. Read our story & browse our products

Masons Yorkshire Gin

Distilled using the traditional London Dry Gin method in a traditional small copper alembic still, Masons Yorkshire Gin is truly a small batch craft Gin. Read our story & browse our products

Spirit of the Lakes

Spirit of The Lakes was founded by Vince Wilkins in 2008 with the ambition of creating the first gin made with Lake District spring water. Working with a master distiller a blend of botanicals, including Lake District oak bark, was created to complement the characteristics of the local spring water. Read our story & browse our products

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Six O'clock G&T, Bramley and Gage

In the mid 1980's Edward Bramley Kain and Penelope Gage started experimenting in the kitchen of their South Devon farmhouse with strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant liqueurs. The fruits came from their fruit farm and the recipes followed a 'maceration' method traditional in France. The liqueurs were a huge success and were soon available in local off-licences, delicatessens and tourist attractions. It was a great opportunity to experiment with different varieties of fruits and with the abundance of sloes in the hedges it wasn't long before Bramley's Sloe Gin made it onto the shops' shelves too. Read our story & browse our products

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