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Summer Wine Brewery

Summer Wine Brewery

SWB were one of the first of the ‘new wave’ craft breweries to move back into flavour forward keg beers back in 2010 and now split production 50/50 between cask and keg/can. We invest heavily in our beers, always putting the best quality malts&hops the world has to offer in our flavour forward beers. That could be anything from a malt laden Mild, Porter or Stout to one of our many New World hopped pale ales and IPAs or a floral, yeast led Saison. The SWB repertoire is burgeoning.


Since taking the plunge in late 2008 and moving from kitchen cellar based home-brew to a commercial scale kit, things have constantly evolved here at Summer Wine Brewery. The beer world was a very different place. There were only around 450 UK breweries, low strength cask beer was the norm and the term ‘craft’ was more at home within a village hall bake sale than the UK beer industry. What started out in one industrial unit as a two man team brewing twice a week has now grown to a 10 strong team brewing twice a day across three industrial units with an onsite Tap Room. A second, much larger steam powered brew-plant is to be installed pushing the capacity of the brewery even further.



Head producer
James Farran
Yorkshire and North East England

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