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Torrside Brewing

Torrside Brewing

Torrside started brewing in August 2015 in New Mills, Derbyshire. We produce a lot of different beers and styles, probably because all three of us started as homebrewers, and that’s what you do! We’ve found ourselves summing the brewery up as ‘Hops, Smoke and Monsters’, so if any of that sounds good, click on the “more”…


Torrside Brewing is three longstanding homebrewers who thought the wider world might enjoy our tastes in beer, and also that New Mills needed a brewery - and happily we were right on both counts.

We’re on the edge of the Peak District, brewing at New Mills Marina beside the Peak Forest Canal. Our beer is vegan – there’s no need to use animal products to clarify beer. We bottle-condition, and we package it all ourselves at the brewery so we know it’s being looked after properly. We don’t have a core range, just some beers we re-brew more often than others — and a few themes have emerged: hops, smoke, monsters…

Hops! Who doesn’t love hops? We’ve brewed several different styles of IPA & APA, and we have a Euro-Hop series that we use to show off some less appreciated hop flavours from the home continent.

Smoke! We launched in Autumn 2015 with a smoked stout, not an IPA - so that was a bit of a statement of intent. We love smoked beers, so there are always several on our stock list, in various colours and strengths. EeBria have even added ‘Smoked’ as a beer style just for us!

Monsters! These are our barley wines and imperial stouts, big beers in very small batches – some as small as 80 litres. We take the strongest wort from a brewday and make a Monster of a beer with it – sometimes an imperial version of the main brew, sometimes completely different. We’ll say on the Monster beer descriptions when the other part of the brew is also available - try them side-by-side!



Head producer
Nick Wright, Peter Sidwell and Chris Clough

All beers bought on EeBria are sent to you, by the brewers, from the brewery!

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