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Weetwood Distillery

Weetwood Distillery

As Weetwood Ales, we’ve been brewing exceptional beer since 1992, working with fantastic natural ingredients to create flavour and character. We wanted to take this further, to distil from grain as well as brew from grain, to create new flavours, to have spirits maturing in wood. After all, beer and spirits go hand-in-hand and we love a good gin or a great whisky as much as we love good beer. So, in 2018 we sourced a custom-built copper still and created Weetwood Distillery.


From our fermentation vessels to the German copper still custom-built to our precise design, nothing has been overlooked on the journey our spirits are taking from grain, mashed in our own brewhouse, all the way through to the glass. Producing our own base spirit adds complexity and time, however we believe this authentic approach is a significant point-of-difference and enhances the substance and character of what we create.



Head producer
Phil McLaughlin

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