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Wilderness Brewery

Wilderness Brewery

Nuanced, funk forward beers from beautiful Mid Wales. Our goal is to create beers where our house yeasts and bacteria can really shine, from crisp grisettes to rich barrel aged sours. We work with local businesses and friends to get new ideas and quality local ingredients, including bakeries, farmers and cider makers. All our beer is unfiltered and vegan friendly.


While some of our beer is sent out clean & fresh, most is aged & soured in our barrel store. Workhorse Bordeaux red wine barrels, with resident mixed cultures, provide acidity and funk. Sherry, whisky & white wine barrels offer a wider range of flavours for blending. We have some really exciting beers coming in the next 18 months, including a Sourdough culture soured farmhouse beer and a cider lees aged pale ale.



Head producer
James Godman
Mid Wales

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